Grand Blanc – Baryton


Baryton Grand Blanc is the definition of simplicity and discretion.

Curvy and subtle, Baritone is the ideal subwoofer that you want to proudly display as a decorative object in your living room.

Its interchangeable foot is inspired by iconic fragrance diffusers and contributes to a most pleasant decorative and sound atmosphere.

Sound Signature

With Iris, live and listen to music according to your personality.

We suggest you customize the sound signature of your IRIS speaker.

Depending on your style and musical preference, we make the appropriate settings to make your musical experience unique and specific.

For that, we need to know you better.

We would be grateful if you would take a moment to complete this questionnaire to define your audiophile profile.

What is your favorite musical style

Knowing your preferred musical style will allow us to adjust and optimize your IRIS speaker according to the particularities of the style of music you are listening to.

Tick ​​3 boxes maximum

Share your favorite songs

To optimize your Iris speaker for your preferred musical style, we test the settings with your favorite songs to be closer to you.
Tell us what are your favorite songs. Let us discover your peptites!

What is the source of your dematerialized music

Each music operator offers and offers different streams. Knowing your usage preferences brings us closer to you to better satisfy you

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Which smartphone are you

Our smartphone is an extension of ourselves. It becomes a feature of our personality.
Why do you want to know the model of your smartphone? To better adjust our content and future developments according to you!

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How are we going to proceed

Iris has been developed with the best possible elements in order to obtain and guarantee the best possible sound quality. However, we want to offer you the best possible listening experience. In order to achieve this, we adjust your speaker according to your tastes and musical habits.
To achieve this goal, we are adjusting Iris using measuring and calculation devices recognized for their qualities. Our measurement microphones are individually calibrated Our software is among the best We cross the results / measurements with several tools to confirm the settings. Finally, we listen and re-listen to your songs to ensure that the emotions desired by the artists are well captured. Without removing it, without adding it.
Our equipment:
> Calibrated measurement microphone
> DATS for verifying speaker characteristics
> CAD software
> WinIsd software
> REW software
> SigmaStudio software
> Laboratory power supply
> SMD welding equipment
> Ultra High definition listening playlist specific for development and audio focus
The desire of the whole team to satisfy you

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Technical characteristics

Discover the technical characteristics of our product

Smartphone Non – Baryon is controlled by Iris
Contactless gesture control Not available on Baryton
Specificity On / Off by pressing a button

Bass volume control by turning the knob

Fully digital Class D amplification – 60w
Power supply 220v – 19v – 6A
Format Audio
Source / Speaker Connection APTX 5.0 Bluetooth
Link – True Wireless Stereo TWS Bluetooth Stereo and Subwoofer
Frequency 45 Hz – 150 Hz
Speaker Woofer Diameter 15cm
Speaker Membrane Aluminium
Principe Acoustique Bass Reflex
Event Above
Deezer N/C
Spotify N/C
Product Stand alone speaker Diameter
Product Full product (speaker + foot) Total height cm 45
Stand alone speaker Without packaging Kg 8
Full product (speaker + foot) Without packaging Kg 8.5
Produit emballé Approx Kg 23
Color White. Other colors available in the customization section
Materials Depending on the choice of finish: paint, linen, leather. Other finish, contact us
Foot Yes
Wall bracket


We have selected the technologies adapted to your needs

Music sources

We have defined playlists for a better musical and sensory experience

Materials included

We will provide you with the following material

1 x Power supply

1 x Pair of gloves

1 x Soft cleaning cloth

1 x “Setting, start-up and maintenance guide” booklet


We have created several accessories that can meet your specific needs

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Product support

We have provided you with all the information you need to use our products

    Product Sheet

    IRIS, the speaker in your image
    Version date: 09/01/2020

    Setting / start guide

    IRIS, the speaker in your image
    Version date: 09/01/2020

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