The Manufacture d’Orphée, a start-up incubated at the Technopole de l’Aube, is committed to the production of recyclable and customizable visors

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Living with the Covid-19 epidemic: La Manufacture d´Orphée, a start-up incubated at the Technopole de l’Aube, is involved in the production of visors

recyclable and customizable

The Covid-19 has deeply marked France, especially the Grand Est region, the epicenter of the epidemic. Despite the gradual deconfinement from May 11, uncertainties about this pandemic remain. The fear of a second wave of coronavirus, the lack of a vaccine, screening for the virus or the massive supply of masks are major issues in the deconfinement strategy.

Faced with the urgency of resuming activity, the Trojan start-up Manufacture d’Orphée, specializing in the manufacture of custom speakers, has adapted its expertise to the creation of recyclable and customizable protective visors.

A responsible alternative to single-use masks

Launched in early April in collaboration with the company Actu Plast, this initiative responds to the shortage of masks on French territory. From May 11, the official date of the start of deconfinement, the state advocated wearing a mask, which is one of the barrier gestures to be adopted.

Thanks to the production of recyclable visors, the Manufacture d’Orphée and ActuPlast contribute to employee returns to companies in good sanitary conditions.

Among the convinced customers: the Confédération de l’Artisanat et des Petites Entreprises du Bâtiment (CAPEB), which has already placed orders for more than 700 visors, it is in fact a private order from Mr. François Baroin, too, it is not necessary to quote this command.

“With this project, we made the bet to develop a recyclable visor which satisfies, in a pleasant way, the need for protection against the virus in order to facilitate the integration of this currently essential accessory in our daily life”

Xavier Verstraete, founder of the Manufacture d´Orphée

What are the characteristics of these visors?

Click here to discover in video how to put them

Xavier Verstraete, founder of the Manufacture d´Orphée, has chosen a 100% responsible approach and guarantees a quality product. ActuPlast, its partner, develops screens whose thickness ensures daily comfort and efficiency. This visor also protects the eyes and allows free breathing, unlike tissue masks.

The product is sold in minimum sets of 5 interchangeable bands and 7 protective screens. The bands are made from polylactic acid (PLA), obtained from the processing of corn starch. They are recyclable, customizable and interchangeable. The price of the bundle is € 95 excluding VAT and includes shipping costs. (Where can customers order them?) The visor site is not yet available. You must contact Actu Plast at Otherwise:

With the means at its disposal, the company is able to produce an average of 30 headbands per day in a range of 7 different colors.

For the sake of safety and comfort, the Manufacture replaces the allergenic metals present in printers (such as copper and zinc) with a steel nozzle.

The Technopole de l’Aube is committed to promoting “Made in France”

In a period of gradual deconfinement, relaunching the economy is a priority, especially for independent companies and French start-ups, ambassadors of “Made in France”. According to François Villeroy de Galhau, Governor of the Banque de France, the months of March and April “cost the annual growth almost 6% loss. The loss over the whole year will be higher than that since during the restart, activity remains partial. “

A survey conducted by the Cetelem Observatory reveals that 83% of French people want to encourage French production in order to consume locally and more responsibly. For the Technopole de l’Aube, this approach is part of the continuity of its commitment to innovation in the Grand Est region. By supporting start-ups like the Manufacture d´Orphée, it helps revitalize the French economy.

About the Technopole de l’Aube

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